Tariff Information

As you can see on the list, most of the items that our valued Canadian shoppers have always bought from us are not affected by the tariff. Many customers have asked “can I still purchase an item if it is on the list”? The answer is YES, you can. If you do purchase an item in the United States that is on the list of affected items, you will need to pay a 10% tariff tax at the border. The link below will explain the new ten percent (10%) tariff on items entering into Canada as of July 1

https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/list-tariff-items-cost-more-1.4728955 – Click here to view the Full Artical from Cbc.ca

Here is the full list of consumer goods that are affected by this:

Coffee, roasted: not decaffeinated.
Prepared meals: of spent fowl; other than in cans or glass jars.
Prepared meals of bovine animals.
Maple sugar and maple syrup.
Licorice, candy and toffee.
Chocolate, in blocks, slabs or bars, filled and not filled.
Pizza and quiche.
Cucumbers and gherkins.
Strawberry jam.
Orange juice: not frozen.
Soya sauce.
Tomato ketchup.
Mayonnaise and salad dressing.
Mixed condiments and mixed seasonings.
Soups and broths and preparations therefor.
Sweetened waters, including mineral waters and aerated waters.
Manicure or pedicure preparations.
Hair lacquers.
Pre-shave and shaving preparations.
Preparations for perfuming or deodorizing rooms, including those used during religious rites.
Organic liquid or cream for skin washing.
Automatic dishwasher detergents.
Glues or adhesives.
Insecticides: in packages weighing 1.36 kg or less.
Fungicides: in packages weighing 1.36 kg or less.
Herbicides, in packages weighing 1.36 kg or less.
Sacks and bags.
Tableware and kitchenware.
Household articles and hygienic or toilet articles.
Plywood, 6 mm thick or less.
Some specific paper products.
Toilet paper.
Handkerchiefs, cleansing or facial tissues and towels.
Tablecloths and serviettes.
Bobbins, spools, caps and similar supports.
Printed or illustrated postcards.
Cast iron grilles.
Combined refrigerator-freezers for recreational vehicles.
Non-electric water heaters.
Household dish washing machines.
Lawn mowers.
Washing machines.
Inflatable boats.
Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor.
Upholstered wooden furniture.
Sleeping bags.
Pillows, cushions, quilts, containing less than 85 per cent by weight of silk.
Playing cards.
Ballpoint and felt tipped pens.